Synthesis Theory I: Recommended Readings

  • Howard, David M. and James Angus Acoustics and Psychoacoustics. 2nd ed. Woburn, Massachusetts: Focal Press; 2001. ISBN 0-240-51609-5. Call#: ML3805.H77 2000. website:
      Introduction to acoustics and the mechanics of hearing.

  • Pierce, John R. The Science of Musical Sound. New York: W.H. Freeman; 1992. ISBN 0-7167-6005-3. Call#: ML3807.P5 1983.
      Good introduction to the physical properties of sound and how sound relates to music.

  • Roads, Curtis. The Computer Music Tutorial. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press; 1996. ISBN 0-252-18158-4. Call#: MT56.R6 1996.
      Extensive coverage of all aspects of computer music.

  • Seashore, Carl. Psychology of Music. New York: McGraw-Hill; 1938. Reprint Dover; 1967. Call#: ML3830.S4P8.
      An early examination of the perception of hearing and how it relates to music. Contains timbre partials for various instruments which are used in assignment 1, exercise 4 (Chapter 17 particularlly)

  • Smith, Julius Digital Filter Theory. pp. 69-130 in Digital Audio Signal Processing, John Strawn, ed. Madison, Wisconson: A-R Editions; 1985. ISBN 0-89579-279-6. Call#: ML1092.D5 1985
      Best introduction to the mathematical theory of linear digital filtering.

  • Smith, Julius Introduction to Digital Filters. Draft.
      Best introduction to the mathematical theory of linear digital filtering.

  • Steiglitz, Ken A Digital Signal Processing Primer. Menlo Park, California: Addison-Wesley; 1995. ISBN 0-8053-1684-1. Call#: TK5102.9.S74 1995
      Good introduction to digital signal processing for musicians who know some mathematics.