Synthesis Theory II

with Craig Stuart Sapp
Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University
Spring 2003
This class covers advanced topics in computer-music synthesis theory. The main topics this year will be Spectral Modeling Synthesis and Physical Modeling.

Class Times:
Tuesdays 1400-1520
Thursdays 1400-1520

Conservatory 314

Textbook (see also Recommended Readings)
Perry Cook, Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications. A.K. Peters; 2002. ISBN 1-56881-168-3. ($39 at Amazon);

Topics (Syllabus) (Assignments)
  • Physical Modeling Synthesis
  • Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Spectral Modeling Analysis/Synthesis

Grading Policy
  • 15% take home mid-term exam
  • 50% final project
  • 10% participation
  • 25% Assignments

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